Harry Potter Converse

This could also make a great gift for someone special who you know is crazy about Harry Potter. Hey, why not just treat yourself to an aweso

The Man behind the Converse - Chuck Taylor

I have stared at a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers every day for the better part of twelve years. This has led to me, one not typically inclined to notice shoes, noticing when someone is wearing a pair. So I can say with confidence that, without looking into statistics, A LOT of people wear Converse. In fact, so many people are still wearing these shoes that I was compelled to finally look at those statistics and a bit of the history behind these insanely popular shoes. Converse sneakers first hit the market in the 1920’s. Before that, the company manufactured galoshes. Then smartly switched to sneakers, naming their basketball shoes “All Star.” A man named Charles Hollis "Chuck"

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