Custom IB4NF Chuck Taylors

Punk Your Chucks is honored to be associated with #IB4NF (Iron Butt for NF) and be able to help raise awareness about NF or #Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that affects 1 in 3000 individuals, and can cause many health issues, including tumors, curvature of the spine, and other health issues, including learning disabilities. One pair of Custom IB4NF Chucks that we made was for Dan "Woody" Henderson, an avid supporter of IB4NF and a very talented photographer!

We love this picture of Woody with his Chucks, so we begged him to let us post it! Make sure to visit his amazing photography website, ! PLEASE visit IB4NF FB Page and give them a Like: More on IB4NF coming soon! #customconverse #customsneakers #paintedconverse #paintedsneakers #customizedsneakers

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