NOW OFFERING Custom Computer Cases by MAG from Punk Your Chucks

We at Punk Your Chucks are excited to announce that sneaker artist MAG is branching out! You can now get your own custom images and designs painted onto your computer case. Our computers have become expensive necessities, so why not get something with a little flare.

MAG paints directly onto the outer shell of your desktop PC case for a unique, one of a kind look, whatever your style or taste. These aren’t generic decals of the Fallout logo you pick up at a mall store, these are works of art catering to your interests and personalized just for you.

If you need further convincing or maybe just some visual examples, MAG has already made the USA case.

Custom Computer Case

A free-hand vintage-y American flag that looks amazing on the front of this Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass Computer case. Videos of his progress on assembling the USA case can be found here and here. And there is even a parts breakdown here. It’s more about the computer specs, but if you’re someone looking for the full customizing experience--as in building your own computer--then this is a quick insight into what you might need.

His latest case was painted for a Harry Potter fan on a CaseMaster Mastercase Pro 5. The Ravenclaw house crest that would make Rowena herself proud. It looks amazing!

Ravenclaw Hand Painted Computer Case

It was a long process of sketching and carving out the crest followed by hours of painting. Truly a unique work of art that turns this piece of hardware into something personal. He even added cooling fans and remote control LED strips to the back of the RavenClaw Crest.

Punk Your Chucks is currently accepting orders for your own custom PC case. We’re excited to see what you come up with. We’re excited to create these awesome designs. And we’re most excited to share this new service with you. Can’t wait!

To get a Price Quote for your OWN Custom PC Case, click here and fill out the information.

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