Sneaker Artist MAG & Punk Your Chucks announce their first ever DIY Paint Your Own Sneaker Custo

Custom Sneaker Artist, MAG, and Punk Your Chucks are excited to announce their first ever DIY Paint Your Own Sneaker Customization Classes. Cherokee High School in Cherokee, NC is hosting classes where the students hold the brush and unleash their creativity! MAG first had the idea for a Custom Sneaker DIY class back in 2006. Unfortunately, prior commitments kept him from fulfilling that dream until now.

Chief Richard Sneed and Lynn Harlan of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians would make this dream possible. They introduced MAG to their schools, eager to see their students respond to the creative outlet and design their very own Converse.

MAG was excited to prepare for what he imagined to be a modest class of 6 to 10 students. Then Lori Reed, Cherokee High School Arts Department, signed over 32 students within the first few minutes of her announcement! Though MAG was thrilled about the enthusiasm, this presented the issue of how exactly to finance DIY materials for 32+ students.

The Cherokee Nation Council generously offered to supply the Converse Chuck Taylors for the students. Which left the issue of paints, brushes, and all the other supplies.

Then Mark Smith of The Better Life Foundation, a children’s charity founded by 3 Doors Down, heard about the need for funding and jumped into action. He made sure the kids would have everything they needed.

MAG contacted his paint supplier about the project only to find an immediate response from Plaid Craft’s Shauna Lallatin. Shauna, backed by Plaid’s amazing product line, shipped out all the paint MAG could ever use for this project at no charge, freeing up funds to give the kids a few extra bells and whistles to add to their sneakers.

Before he knew it, MAG was carefully arranging 40 fully equipped painting kits and making sure he put all the incredible sponsorship to use by making this the best experience possible for these kids, when they are held March 2018. Even making this more exciting, MAG enclosed his unique sneaker accessory called Punkeez (which has not yet been offered online for purchase), in each of the DIY kits. MAG is excited to see where this goes, possibly making this a yearly event. He is considering taking it "on the road" to other schools in the USA, maybe even in other countries. Who knows what’s in store for the future if this class is a success, but we’re excited to find out.

MAG started the custom apparel company Punk Your Chucks in 2005. His custom sneakers have already gained the attention of celebrities and musical personalities including Chris Henderson from 3 Doors Down, Chad Szeliga, Tommy Lee, Will Smith, Mira Sorvino, Kelly Clarkson, Nikki Sixx, Eddie Money, Nickelback, Def Leppard, Guns & Roses, Alien Ant Farm, Luke Steele’s Dreams, Marky Ramone, and many others.

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians:

3 Doors Down’s The Better Life Foundation:

Plaid Crafts:

Punk Your Chucks:

Organizing hundreds of Plaid Fabric Paints to be placed in the MAG Artworks/Punk Your Chucks DIY Customization Kits
Folkart Brush Sets provided by Plaid Online

Punkeez Sneaker Chain Prototype by MAG from Punk Your Chucks

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