NEW PROJECT: The Rainforest Exhibit

To all of our fans and friends: We are proud to announce the start of an incredible NEW

PROJECT, “The Rainforest Exhibit!” Sneaker Artist, MAG, has partnered with Custom Aquariums, to create a state-of-the-art indoor rainforest that will be built in MAG’s art studio. Custom Aquariums provide factory direct built to order aquariums, canopies, and stands delivered to your door. Their sister company, manufactures a wide variety of bird, reptile, ands small animal cages built to order. Not many people know that Punk Your Chucks artist, MAG, use to design and build zoo exhibits and worked in zoos across the USA. He specialized creating indoor rainforests/vivariums/paludariums by modifying saltwater reef tanks into South American Jungles to designing and fabricating his very own vivarium designs in acrylic and glass enclosures. When MAG brought his idea to build a large residential indoor rainforest to Custom Aquariums’ Ted Judy, the wheels quickly got into motion.

“We are all very excited for Custom Aquariums to be a part of The Rainforest Exhibit. This enclosure will be one of the largest amphibious aquariums we have ever constructed, and we can hardly wait to see what MAG does in it. This project will be an awesome showcase for what is possible in a Custom Aquariums enclosure.”- Ted Judy, PR & Social Media Manager and host of YouTube’s Ted’s Fishroom.

For the past several weeks, Ted Judy, Bob Pontow (Custom Aquariums' National Sales Rep), and MAG, have been working tirelessly to make this big indoor rainforest come to fruition. BIG?!?? How big?

Not including the stand and canopy, the actual enclosure will be

60” long by 48“ deep by 60” tall! With the canopy and stand it will reach 8 feet 5 inches tall. Yes, it’s BIG! The Rainforest Exhibit will have waterfalls, streams, mudwalls, plants, and some animal species. Including one of the most deadly animals in the world, the Golden Poison Frog (terriblis terriblis), whose toxin is so dangerous that a drop could kill ten full grown men. However, in captivity, they are less potent since they are missing a key component to their diet. Not only will The Rainforest Exhibit have some amazing animal species, but we plan to have a state-of-the-art rain system, fog system, climate controls, ventilation, Custom Aquariums Seamless Sump Filtration System, lighting, and some other secrets and surprises! We will have a lot of educational content. Rainforests can be found all over the world and are delicate ecosystems that can be destroyed if we are not careful. Their conservation will be part of our educational focus.

MAG has experience using the same materials that are found in professional zoo exhibits. It’s possible you may have unknowingly seen some of MAG’s work. The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens in Ohio. Both contain active exhibits that MAG assisted in fabricating. MAG hopes to bring that experience to this project and maybe help you build your own unique exhibit! Either way, we hope you will enjoy watching MAG build this incredible exhibit!

Join us beginning in November of 2018 as we begin on YouTube “The Rainforest Exhibit” Vlog. Follow along from the construction of the exhibit at Custom Aquariums, to its delivery, interior design and fabrication at MAG’s art studio. There will be plenty of interesting and engaging content along the way. Trips to botanical gardens, zoos, local hobbyists, private collectors, if it has to do with rainforests we will be there! PLUS, giveaways, contests, and so much more! We will be posting updates while the kickoff month of November 2018 approaches, on all of our NEW Social Media Pages for The Rainforest Exhibit: Youtube:



Facebook: UPDATE: Since we announced the project, we have been hard at work seeking sponsors, consultants, etc., to make sure we have the best products, supplies, flora and fauna, available. Sneaker artist, MAG, has created a pair of Custom Aquariums Logo Chuck Taylors for them. They unveiled the pair at this year's AquaShella 2018 in Chicago!

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