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Working hard behind the scenes to make The Rainforest Exhibit the best it can be!

Hi everyone! We are really excited about our new venture, The Rainforest Exhibit! We are trying very hard to bring to YouTube and all our content, something new and exciting as we did in 2005 when we were one of around 2 Custom Chuck Customizers in the world. Now there are a ton! Our social media pages for The Rainforest Exhibit are just starting to gain content, they are brand new and the vlog doesn't really start until November 1st, 2018, so it is to be expected. However, we know we have some of our diehard fans on there now, who are faithful and loyal no matter what, so We are still going to post news even though we will do it OFFICIALLY on the vlog once it starts.

So...we are thrilled to tell you that we have NEW SPONSORS! We will officially announce WHO they are very soon. For something like this it is not only an animal enclosure, but the way we are doing it, it is an exhibit, it will have everything that is POSSIBLE to do to an indoor rainforest vivarium in 2018! Considering we were doing this in the 90s and coming up with ways to create these things, it is AMAZING what is available now and how there are STILL so many things that have to be "made" for a real state-of-the-art indoor rainforest exhibit.

Everyone knows that Custom Aquariums is our biggest sponsor without whom this wouldn't be happening! Nevertheless, we are still acquiring more sponsors and as we get closer to Nov. 1st, we will be making a ton of Official Announcements! To make this work, to really have everything we need to make the best exhibit possible, we are looking for sponsors and partners who want to be involved in this one-of-a-kind project Stay tuned to be there when we announce who they are!

So make sure to follow us on Facebook at: On Instagram at: On Twitter at:

And on the most important one, when the vlog drops, YouTube at: Also, if you or know someone who wants to be involved/sponsor us, email us at or email MAG directly at

Here...while you're waiting for our indoor is a real one... WE LOVE IT!!!!

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