Steampunk Chucks & Whimsical Surprises!

I have travelled a great deal over the years and have been blessed to meet so many amazing people.

Most recently, I was driving through Northern Georgia along a tree lined rural road when a collection of colorful little houses caught my eye. The sign read ‘open’ and I was enchanted enough by their roadside display of whimsical designs that I decided to see what this place offered. Up a small driveway, curving through the trees, was like something out of a theme park. Each miniature house was unique, each one graced with that hand-crafted touch--and by now I’m expert enough to tell. And that was just my first glimpse into Sleepy Hollow.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow was mainly a quirky craft shop, but through a side-door, was what I can only describe as Gepetto’s workshop.

Figures of all shapes and sizes. Vehicles straight from your imagination. Birdhouses full of color and charm. Toys handcrafted with wood and paint. Little crafting tools and half-completed projects lined rustic tables. We had to know more.

Sleepy Hollow Craft Shop

The official name is Sleepy Hollow Enterprises and was founded by Arthur Millican, Jr. and his wife, Wendi. Wendi gave us a tour of the workshop and all its inner workings. Aside from the beauty, what stood out was the many pictures of Arthur with Michael Jackson. When I asked, Wendi explained that Arthur had once been a Disney artisan. Once upon a time, he designed and crafted whimsical buildings for Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, Dollywood, and much more.

MAG & Arthur Millican

As a thank you to Wendi for the tour and the insight into their incredible business, I wanted to make them something equally special and unique, with that touch of personality you can only get through hand-crafted work. Since both Wendi and Arthur are Steampunk fans, I created these one of a kind Custom Steampunk Chuck Taylors.

custom converse steampunk

Click here for more details about this custom converse steampunk sneakers.

Steampunk converse shoes

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