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MAG is a native New Yorker. He turned to art during chaotic 70s and has been honing the craft ever since.

A proud veteran, MAG served 8 years in the United States Air Force. He respects all who serve and has proudly worked on projects to support this country and its troops.

MAG has been creating things in one form or another for as long as he can remember. The canvas always changes, city walls to natural exhibits to custom apparel, but the drive is the same. MAG first painted designs on apparel at the request of family and friends, but it did not take long to build into a business. His work caught the attention of the entertainment industry and he’s been commissioned by music legends: _______(LIST A FEW NAMES)______.

Every piece is hand-painted with no stencils or tracing. Each pair one of a kind. MAG is dedicated to providing unique, quality products to his clients.


Check out his work on custom indoor rainforests at https://www.therainforestexhibit.com/

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